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Frequency Counter

The Optoelectronics Cub Frequency Counter is ideal for any two-way communication test application or general purpose frequency measurements. If you're looking for a low cost handheld frequency counter, look no further than the Optoelectronics Cub Frequency Counter.




  • 1MHz - 2.8GHz frequency range

  • 9 digit LCD display for better visibility and longer battery life

  • 6 hour discharge time from full charge

  • 8 selectable gate times

  • High speed .0001 second gate time

  • 1MHz - 250MHz direct count capability for high resolution

  • Patented Digital Filter eliminates false counts

  • Patented Auto Capture locks frequency displayed until cleared

  • Direct and Pre-scaled ranges

  • Standard BNC antenna connection

  • 3.7"high x 2.75"wide x 1.2"deep

  • All metal casing

  • 1 year parts and labor warranty

  • Supplied with NiCads and power supply

Cub Frequency Counter


                               Technical Specifications


Frequency Range                      1MHz-2.8GHz

Input Impedance                       50 Ohm

Input Coupling                           AC

Max Input                                    +15dBm (50mW)

Frequency Time Base              10MHz +/- 1ppm initial accuracy

Display                                         9 digit LCD

Size                                               3.7"H x 2.75"W x 1.2" D

Power Requirements                9-12VDC, 300-1000mA, center +

Battery                                         Internal rechargeable 4 cell NiCd

Battery run time                        6-8 hours on full charge

                                       Frequency Display Resolution


Range      Gate Select        Gate Time             LSD      Sample Display



250MHz          1                         .0001S                 10kHz              250.00

                          2                         .001S                   1kHz                250.000

                          3                         .01S                     100Hz              250.0000

                          4                         .1S                        10Hz                250.00000

                          5                         1S                         1Hz                  250.000000 

2.8GHz            1                         .0064S                 10Hz                2800.00

                          2                         .064S                    1Hz                 2800.000

                          3                         .64S                      100Hz             2800.0000

Input Sensitivity


<15mV @ 10MHZ

<3mV @ 27MHz

<5mV @ 150MHz

<5mV @ 450MHz

<5mV @ 800MHz

<5mV @ 1GHz

<25mV @ 2GHz

<100mV @ 2.8GHz



Download Cub manual

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