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Frequency Counter/Tone Decoder

The CD200 is an Analog/Digital (DMR Radio only) Frequency Counter and Sub-audible CTCSS/DCS Tone Decoder. The CD200 combines a frequency counter and tone decoder in one handheld package. Intended for use by the two-way radio technician for quickly checking portables for frequency and tone, the CD200 is so easy to operate that even non-technical staff will find it easy to use.

Whether you sell or rent radios, the CD200 will prove to be an affordable and indispensable tool in your shop. Save time and money by combining a sales call into a service call.  Go from job site to job site and quickly have your customers up and communicating in a snap.




  • Frequency Range 10MHz-3GHz

  • Quickly measures frequency and tone for each channel on two-way radios

  • Detects Analog frequency and Digital DMR Radio Frequency (Digital ONLY for DMR)

  • Decodes Analog CTCSS/DCS

  • RF Signal Level Indicator on Display

  • Code Signal Level indicator on Display

  • Frequency Response Time 0.2-0.5s

  • CTCSS/DCS Response Time 0.5-1s

  • Signal Attenuation Switch  0 db/10db

  • TCXO Timebase:  +/- 2.5ppm

  • Display:  TFT LCD Full Color 

  • Antenna Connector:  BNC

  • Easy 4 Button controls

  • Built In Li-Ion Battery with auto power off to save Battery

  • Battery level indicator on display

  • Compact Size:  2.75"x3.5"x1"

  • Includes Built In Battery and Power Supply /NOTE:  Antenna Sold Separately


*DB32 antenna shown sold separately


Frequency Counter / Decoder


                Technical Specifications


Frequency Range                      10MHz-3GHz

Decoding                                    Analog CTCSS/DCS

                                                     132-173 MHz

                                                     200-260 MHz

                                                     400-519 MHz                                                                                              

Input Impedance                       50 Ohm

Resolution                                   Fixed 100Hz / 450.0000

Frequency Response Time       0.2-0.5s

CTCSS/DCS Response Time      0.5-1s

Max Input                                    +20dBm 

Frequency Time Base               TCXO +/- 2.5ppm initial accuracy

Display                                         TFT LCD Color

Size                                               2.75"H x3.5"W x 1" D  

Power Requirements                5VDC/ 1A/USB

Battery                                         Internal rechargeable Li-Ion 600 mah

Battery run time                        6 hours 

RD27 antenna
RD150 antenna
RD440 antenna
RD800 antenna

          CD200 Optional Accessories

The importance of using a good antenna for your products should not be underestimated. Our wide band antennas like the DB32 and BB85 are useful for picking up a wide variety of signals. However, the narrow band antennas will usually do a better job in their respective frequency range than will a wide band antenna.


It is a good idea to experiment with different antennas to achieve different results.  We offer several different antennas and also antenna packages that offer savings over buying them separately. 

*NOTE:  ALL Antennas offered on this page have a BNC Connector

RD2400 antenna
WBant (1).jpg
TA100S antenna


1 - BB85 Antenna

1 - DB32 Antenna

1 - WBRD Antenna

1 - CC10 Carry Case                   $299


100MHz-2GHz 15" rubber duck




100MHz-2GHz        2" stubby




27MHz-150MHz   4" rubber duck




135MHz-175MHz   4" rubber duck




400MHz-500MHz    4" rubber duck




 500MHz-1GHz   6" rubber duck




2.4GHz-2.5GHz 6" rubber duck




100MHz-1GHz 7" riubber duck




100MHz-800MHz Telescoping Whip




       Carry Case 

      6 "x 4"x 1.7"



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